Adult Content & Porn Age Verification.

Age verification software allows websites to provide adult-only content by verifying their customer's age.

Age verification for adult content and products.

If you’re distributing adult content or selling adult products online, integrating age verification checks is an essential step to take. Age verification measures are important to meet the various regulations and codes of practice that governments across the world place on adult content that may be accessed by underage users.

VerifyMyAge is an age verification solution that enables you to check your users’ ages quickly, easily, and seamlessly – resulting in a great user experience and complete legal compliance!

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What is an age verification solution?

  1. Quick, simple, and seamless process.

    Age verification solutions – in the form of an integrated app, pop-up window, or information form – confirm a customer’s age to restrict or allow access to adult-only content or products. Their main aim is to take the pain out of online age verification and make it a quick, simple, and seamless process.

  2. Easy to integrate.

    You can integrate age verification software directly into your site, whether during the checkout process for online stores or before media playback for adult content sites.

  3. Multi-channel.

    Alternatively, age verification is also available indirectly through email or SMS channels.

Seamlessly integrated.

Our age verification solution integrates seamlessly with your website, built into the checkout process or media-viewing experience. That means that visitors see it as a natural part of their site journey rather than a distraction or annoyance.

Customer-friendly and secure.

VerifyMyAge offers a range of different verification methods for users to choose from – including ID verification, credit card checks, and AI powered age estimation. Thanks to sophisticated cryptographic encryption, your visitors’ data is kept safe and secure.

Fully compliant.

We meet the PAS 1296:2018 Code of Practice for Online Age Verification criteria, meaning VerifyMyAge takes the pain out of legal age verification compliance and keeps you on the right side of the law, all without frustrating your customers.

Security and privacy.

Your data is safe.

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit using a combination of 256-bit encryption and hashing algorithms.

Porn age verification legislation.

Countries around the world have codes, directives, and laws that address the need for age verification in adult content and marketplaces.

In the EU, for example, there is the Audio Visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD), implemented in 2020, while in the UK, the Online Safety Bill & Age Appropriate Design Code (The Children’s Code) are two pieces of legislation designed to protect children online.

This new age of accountability in the digital sector calls for a seamless age verification platform to restrict minors’ access to harmful material. Our solution provides adult site owners with an age verification process that recognises the inherent sensitivity of adult websites and ensures compliance with all relevant rules.

Age Assurance Methods.

VerifyMyAge provides age assurance (age verification and age estimation) while ensuring your customers are not distracted from their purchase or online experience. Our solution can be integrated either directly - within the browser post-checkout - or indirectly through email or SMS.

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