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Age Assurance Ecosystem.

VerifyMyAge operates as the layer above deep-tech, creating an age assurance ecosystem of data, deep tech and artificial intelligence partners, resulting in the most comprehensive and effective age verification and estimation solution available.

Here are just some of our partners


Age Assurance Methods.

VerifyMyAge provides age assurance (age verification and age estimation) while ensuring your customers are not distracted from their purchase or online experience. Our solution can be integrated either directly - within the browser post-checkout - or indirectly through email or SMS.

We have two main methods of providing age assurance and identifying the age or age range of an online user.

  1. 1.

    Age verification allows us to provide you with higher levels of certainty in the age or age-range of a user.

  2. 2.

    Age estimation, as the name suggests, provides an estimate of a users age range and often relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.


Database Check

We capture information from your customers’ orders, and verify their age without them having to act.

Age verification

Mobile Phone Number

By sending a text to a UK mobile number, we verify the phone is authorised for use by a person aged 18+.

Age verification

Government Issued ID

We verify your customers’ age and identity using their scanned government ID or driver’s license.

Age verification

Credit Card

We verify the cardholder is 18+ using their credit card records.

Age verification

Open Banking

We’ll verify your customer’s age by accessing their main bank account through a secure API connection.

Age verification

Email Address

We’ll use a range of data points to determine your customer’s minimum age using their email address.

Facial Biometrics

Using AI-powered age estimation, we’ll have your customer take a short selfie video, to indicate their age range.

Age estimation

Sign In With VerifyMyAge.

Verifying your age can be time consuming and inconvenient. With VerifyMyAge your customers can re-authenticate themselves using their VerifyMyAge account across all websites and services using VerifyMyAge.

Parental consent with VerifyMyAge.

Our age estimation methods can be used to help children safely access content online with a parent or guardians consent.

When a child attempts to access your services, they will be asked to provide contact details for a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian will be asked to verify their age and give consent for their child to access your content.


Age Appropriate Design Code.

Find out more about how our solution aligns with the standards set out by the ICO’s Age Appropriate Design Code.

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